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Facilities Committee Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Dr. John al-Amin
If anyone has any specific work space or facility concerns, please submit work order requests for completion. That way the work can be scheduled timely,
Michael Snider
What about the outside. You can't even walk on the sidewalk near student health the bushes are so huge and almost in the street. You wonder why student health got broke into? This is why, the college on our side looks empty and trashed, I've called 311 for help, since I can't seem to get anyone to take it seriously at the college. The brown grass is a fire hazard, we are seriously not compliant and something needs to be done. Maybe. Dr. al-Almin when or if you are ever on campus could walk over and check it out. I've already asked several trustees to meet and walk with me as well.
Michael Snider
Why should we put a work order for the grounds. This is common sense!! Do we need a fire before you do something
Michael Snider
The work order process also makes no sense. If 5 people submits a work order for the same issue how does that help your data. Also it takes time for us to get to a computer and log in and request the job done.
Dr. John al-Amin
Had to step away, everyone.
Maria Salazar-Colón
Thank you Steven
Harry Bernstein
I’m glad to know that the District has this extra money to spare.