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Facilities Committee Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Edie Kaeuper
They are surgical masks
Alex Mullaney
Are there Building User Groups for Science or Health?
Edie Kaeuper
There is one for Health
Edie Kaeuper
The faculty for Health are here
Alberto Vasquez
Alex- There will be a Builder User Group for the Science Hall once it launches. We currently do not have a project planned for Student Health building adjacent to Creative Arts Ext.
Alex Mullaney
Thank you, Edie and Alberto!
Steven Brown
Hello,This is Brenna Stroud -longtime Evans supporter- and I am submitting a public comment for today's (12/20/21) Facilities Committee Meeting at 1:00pm. My comment pertains to agenda item 8 b. "Aircraft Maintenance Technology / Aeronautics Department Move to Evans Update", listed under "Old Business".I may or may not be able to make it to today's meeting, so I am requesting that my comment be read aloud for me.Thanks.
Steven Brown
My 148 word comment to be read is this:I watched a movie last night titled “The Last Black Man in San Francisco”. It opened with a little girl staring up into the masked face of a man wearing a nuclear hazmat suit. The camera pulled back to reveal the setting was the Bayview, within a mile of the Evans Center. This scene was so poignant because it’s not fictional. The Bayview is a Superfund site, so toxic that you are eligible to join class-action lawsuits if you only work in the area for a few short months. I’ve personally seen the numerous community postings over the years. Why would you want to add even a little bit of lead from AMT to that atmosphere? Does only a handful more of stillbirths, or lifetime illnesses, define “not a substantial impact”? Aside from all of the spin and rhetoric meant to deceive, is that really ok with CCSF?
Amy Coffey
Heading out to another meeting--happy holidays, everyone!
Marian Lam
Happy Holidays!