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Facilities Committee Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
MICHAEL SNIDER, SFCCD Health and Safety Officer, SEIU
I promise everyone we are reviewing CDC and DPH guidelines constantly. Your safety and student safety is our highest concern
Darryl Dieter
I need to step away for about 5 minutes. There is work being done on my building and I need to direct some of that work.
Steven Brown
Thank you Michael!
Maria Salazar-Colón
AMEN Steven
Harry Bernstein
Wynd, you are spot on. The Board does not agree with you, unfortunately.
Maria Salazar-Colón
never thought I would say this but thank you Wynd so true about how its not okay to set up a falsehood almost in a form of a threat
Steven Brown
treasure island landing field
Steven Brown
presidio landing strip
Tim Ryan
The United Technical Operations MRO Center, located in San Francisco, is a 2.9 million-square-foot facility that is home to more than 3,500 technicians, management, and support personnel. Our facility includes an engine overhaul shop, narrowbody and widebody airframe docks, component shops and more.
Dr. J. al-Amin
@Harry, Dogpatch was the other area
Dr. J. al-Amin
If there are other areas the group feels should be considered, please let Alberto know. Thanks for your input.
MICHAEL SNIDER, SFCCD Health and Safety Officer, SEIU
Thank you Torrance.
Harry Bernstein
Hello, Alberto. I would like to respond to Torrance Bynum
Harry Bernstein
Have the two toolroom mechanics been laid off? Dean Bynum said that the programs couldn’t go ahead without them.
Wynd (She/Her)
I didn't know that one was supposed to abstain if they bring the motion forward?
Harry Bernstein
Here is a statement from Ivar Satero, appointed Director of the San Francisco International Airport in 2016, from a public forum (recorded) about the AMT program held on February 26, 2021:> ...we have a vision for the future of having an academy, an SFO Academy, if you will, that is years down the road. It was going to be a lot sooner I feel, but it's about a $30 million investment that we're unable to make at this point, but I do see a future with an SFO Academy approach that would then allow airframe and powerplant to come back to the airport.==========This vision of a private SFO Academy may partially explain why City College is no longer welcome at the SF Airport. How widely is this vision shared by the City's decision-makers?I hope that the Board of Trustees takes this motion to heart.
Harry Bernstein
Sorry for the repetition
Amy Coffey (she/her)
You can bring forth a motion and still vote however you want, making/seconding a motion is only to put it on the table for discussion
Harry Bernstein
CCSF also gave up evening classes at James Lick Middle School in Noe Valley—a very popular site. I don’t remember who was responsible for that choice.